Visual Basic problem.

When I installed AutoCAD 2013, I included the Visual Basic option.
The code shown below works in previous versions of AutoCAD, but not in Auto
CAD 2013. Can somebody help me to get it working. I am not a VBA writer.
I am a LISP writer. I got help with this like a decade ago. This helps m
e be able to change the background back and forth quickly so I can see the
darker linework more easily. I can work without it, but it's a strain on m
y eyes.
I use the following function to run the code for Module1:
(DEFUN C:disp NIL (command "vbarun" "display.dvb!module1.chgdisp")(PRINC))
The following is Display.dvb - Module1 (Code)
Option Explicit
Public Sub chgdisp()
Dim ACADdPref As AcadPreferences
Set ACADdPref = ThisDrawing.Application.Preferences
Dim curcolor As OLE_COLOR
Dim curlayout As String
curlayout = ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.Name
If curlayout = "Model" Then
curcolor = ACADdPref.Display.GraphicsWinModelBackgrndColor
If curcolor = vbBlack Then
ACADdPref.Display.GraphicsWinModelBackgrndColor = RGB(190, 19
0, 190)
ACADdPref.Display.ModelCrosshairColor = RGB(0, 0, 0)


ACADdPref.Display.GraphicsWinModelBackgrndColor = vbBlack
ACADdPref.Display.ModelCrosshairColor = vbWhite

End If


curcolor = ACADdPref.Display.GraphicsWinLayoutBackgrndColor

If curcolor = vbBlack Then
ACADdPref.Display.GraphicsWinLayoutBackgrndColor = RGB(190, 1
90, 190)
ACADdPref.Display.LayoutCrosshairColor = RGB(0, 0, 0)


ACADdPref.Display.GraphicsWinLayoutBackgrndColor = vbBlack
ACADdPref.Display.LayoutCrosshairColor = vbWhite

End If
End If

End Sub
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