Saving error, HELP!

I get an error while trying to save an big assembly. In fact, it won't
save. I get a message saying : "An unknown error occurred while
accessing path\filename.sldasm". I tried several thing like save as to
overwrite, save as another name, save as somewhere else, reimport from
vault, save as on the network. Nothing had an effect.
Is it completelly ununsable?
Anyone had that problem?
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This is a common problem and has existed through the years. It typically is indicative of some kind of network issue. You most likely won't be able to recover your work.
1. Make sure backups are set to at least 2. Otherwise when this happens you will have no recourse. 2. Clean out your temp directories. The following gets the files in the normally hidden temp folder that SW writes to can be deleted from a dos prompt by:
DEL C:\Documents and Settings\$USER\Local Settings\Temp\*
3. Check the log files on your server and the workstation for errors.
4. Run SW Rx and try to recreate the problem. This will give SW a chance to see it.
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You can try: If your top level assembly has sub-assemblies, right click and open each and save each individual assembly. Might not save all work, but might not lose all either.
Select one or two assembly components from the tree. Right click and "form new sub-assembly here" ( may have to expand your selection to see the choice ). If you are able to form the sub-assembly, repeat, adding additional selections. You may find that you only have a problem with one component or sub-assembly. If thats the case, hopefully you will be able to salvage nearly all your work.
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