multi-body naming in 2004 2.1

Has anyone else notice problems with copied or mirrored bodies and changing their names in a 20004 2.1 part file. It seems that if you mirror a body and make a copy of it, and then change the name of the mirrored body it also changes the name of the original thereby having identical body names in the FM.

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Mark Biasotti
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If you're interested, I'll send you privately a list of SPRs I have on multi body naming and ordering. I haven't noticed that particular problem, but there are others that affect body names and body order when you roll back, edit features, recombine bodies differently, use hole wizard, etc. None of these problems is new to sp2.1 as far as I know.

matt (Mark Biasotti) wrote in news:

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Hello Mark from the future!

Please tell us, has SolidWorks fixed the problem with drawing items disappearing in SW 20004.



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