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Hello All,

I'm trying to create a part using the weldment functionality of SW.

My goal is to have a top level weldment part/drawing and then child parts/drawings of individual weldment laser cut plates that are linked back to the top level. This is so when I check in the top level part using PDMworks it will also check in all of the child parts/drawings.

I can create the weldment model no problem but am finding it really frustrating when trying to create drawings of the individual weldment cut list items that can be easily checked in using PDMworks.

The parts I am creating have a mixture of structural members and laser cut plates, therefore I create the structural members using the "structural members" option and the plates using basic extrudes. This is all fine, but when I want to create a drawing of the laser cut plate to send to the laser cutter I am having to select it in the cut list, click "insert into new part" save that part, then create a drawing from that part. This allows me to get a accurate drawing of the plate that is updated when I change the parent weldment but there is no backwards link, so when I check in the top level weldment using PDM it does not give me the option to check in the drawings/parts of the laser cut plates. This means that I am having to find all of the laser cut plate parts/drawings and check them in individually which takes ages.

I have tried creating it all as an assembly and using "in context" parts which maintains the link between top level and laser cut plate models but then does not allow me to have the cut list with the structural members' lengths on the drawing.

Does anybody know of any solutions?


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RMB on the weldment cut list in the FM tree and select "save bodies". You can save one, multiple, or all bodies as individual parametric parts or even as a seperate parametric assembly. This feature allows you to name each part that you are saving too. Explore this option to see if it will suit your needs.


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