ED's all surface selection issue

ED after a bit of experimentation the most successful method I can find in
SW05 anyway is to filter faces and drag a box around the object then rotate
the view and ctrl drag another box and repeat until all surfaces are
selected. Takes about 4 or 5 drags to get almost all surfaces for any model.
ctrl select any strays individually.
Use offset surface tool at 0.00 and its done.Not sure if that's what you are
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Well, yes, that is what I was asking. However, it doesn't seem to work in SW2006 SP4.1 Did you do the offset thru an assembly? The part that the offset faces are from are say Part1.SLDPRT, and the new faces are in Part2.SLDPRT. Both parts are components in Assem1.SLDASM.
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I responded to the origional thread, but I found the best method is to use WireFrame or HLV and use the method suggested below minus the extra drags it should be a single drag around the entire assembly.
ed_1001 wrote:
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Sorry I am a bit late getting back to this. I see you have a solution though. BTW thanks for the macro Mr. Who :o)
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