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So, I'm running a mix of Autocad 2004 LT and 2004 on a mix of Windows 7 and XP machines. One of my 7 machines is 64 bit, therefore the drivers for my plotter are not available. What I've been doing is "plotting to file" and dumping .plt files on a network folder. Then script I wrote, running on one of the 32bit XP machines watches that folder for any plot files, plots them and then deletes the file. It works pretty well.

However, a problem arises when I try to plot multiple files. The number of copies box (in the plot dialogue) greys out when I "plot to file", only allowing me to produce one .plt file. If there is a way to produce multiple .plt file from the standard plot dialogue, that would be the best, however I'm open to any other solutions anyone might offer.

Thanks in advance.

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Lan Rogers
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What kind of plotter do you have? There are solutions for drivers for plotters that HP no longer supports. If you are able to create correct .plt files, the driver that creates them will plot correctly without all of the workarounds.

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