Send plot file to LPT1?

Hi group. I'm trying to set-up a RMB feature where I can LMB click on a plot
file, (.plt), then RMB & under "send to"
have an function called "send file to plotter".
I send plot files to my plotter now in the DOS window, (copy plotfile.plt
lpt1) but I know it could be easier.
I perused the folder options for a possible solution but that didn't pan
Any ideas anyone? TIA. M.P.
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Mike Pagel
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I have a bat file similar to the following:
COPY %1% LPT1 or
COPY %1% \\servername\printername
I then go into file types and associate this with the .plt extension.
I print the drawing to a file and then in Windows Explorer, double-click and boom-ba-da-bing, it prints.
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Yes. That works great Mark. Thanks. M.P.
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Mike Pagel
you might try equivaq 2005. it's a plot file spooler that has
watched folder autospooler and can send many copies to the printer a given times 15 minutes around the clock
it's just a handy too
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