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We just got a new server and I need to move all the SW file on my computer to the server. I have all my SW file in one folder, if I copy this folder to the server am I going to loose all my references or create any problems? I haven't quite figured out this moving files thing. What about toolbox, Should I move this to the server to? I would like to put Toolbox in a common spot for when we get another SW user.

Thanks Nathan

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If ALL (and I mean ALL) of your SW files are in one folder, then SW will be able to find the references without any problem by simply moving the folder to the server. I am pretty sure that even if this main folder has sub-folders, it will still not have any problems. The only problems that it might have is finding your Toolbox parts.

As far as moving the Toolbox, I highly recommend moving that to the server as well so that it can be shared. However, it is not as simple as just moving it. I am in the same boat as you (by myself) and I am going to move the Toolbox to the server so it can be shared when we hire a second person. I talked to my VAR about this and there is a procedure that HAS to be done. They emailed me the procedure but I have not gotten around to doing this yet. I would email it to you but I can't seem to locate it right now. If you contact your VAR they can probably email you the same procedure.

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Seth Renigar

Few people agree with me, but I stand by this. Most opposition is grounded in fear, not in actual experience...

You can move the entire directory structure over to the new server. This will not cause any loss of references between copied files.

SW help details the order in which SW searches for references. One of the features of SW's search pattern is that it checks relative path before it checks absolute path.

What does this mean? If you move a project's files from "C:\project\files" to "D:\archive\project\files", and open an assembly or drawing from the location "D:\archive\project\files", SW will search D:\archive\project\files before searching "C:\project\files".

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