I can currently publish sheet sets to the plotter or to dwf....
is there a way to create a plot file using sheet sets?
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There's a round about way to go about it that works great, you have to create a new .pc3 for your plotter and select the "Plot to File" option. Then you have to use this plotter config whenever you want to plot to file.
To do this, in Autocad 2006 type "plottermanager" at the command line to bring up an explorer window listing all of your plotter .pc3 configs.
Copy the config of the plotter you want to use whenever you want to plot to file.
Double click on the new config, and bring up the Plotter Configuration Editor for it.
Click the "Ports" tab at the top.
Select the "Plot to File" option under the "Ports" tab.
Click "OK" to save the configuration.
you normally do, except select this new plotter configuration as the plotter to use... should save everything to file. In the publish command, under publish options, there's also a place to select the file path to save the .plt files too.
Hope this works -Chris
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