sheet sets...please help

Hi all....
I have a very specific question about sheet sets, and I'm going to try to
ask it in a non complicated way. ;-)
Is it true when sheet sets look at a tab, it can only select one view, the
AutoCAD base view?
For example.
I have 6 front elevations in one plan.
currently on tab a-2.1, I have 6 named views.
In order to use sheet sets, do I need 6 tabs for a-2.1, i.e.:
A-2.1 e1
A-2.1 e2
A-2.1 e3
A-2.1 e4
A-2.1 e5
A-2.1 e6
with on view in each?
What does that one view need to be named?
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