Moving jumper tabs to change input voltage on Syncrowave 300 welder

Gentlemen. I recently acquired an old Syncrowave 300 welder at an auction. It is currently set up for 460 volts single phase. This setting involves one copper or brass jumper tab that join terminals 3

- 4 of 6.

To change the voltage inputs to 230 volts 3 phase requires 2 jumpers. One connected to 2 - 3 and another connected to 4 - 5. The normal protocal is to piggy back two jumpers together when they're not needed. However, somebody didn't do this and therefore, one jumper is MIA.

These are simply thin tabs of copper or brass. I'm wondering whether these are a purpose built Miller item or can be bought from an electrical house or even custom made.

Anybody have a clue? These are much thinner than the bars used on a Syncrowave 500. They're just thin sheet material.

TIA Vernon

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Correction. I did not mean to say "3 phase". This is a single phase welder. It can be set for 208v, 230v, or 460v, and possibly, higher. V

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there is most likely two jumpers that you see.

Are you 100% sure that they are not, in fact, piggybacked?

Even if they arecustom built, you can likely get one from a Miller dealer for a few bucks. Or you can make your own.

Easy to get, easy to make, easy to substitute. No problem in any case.

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Just snip off some 10ga wire, strip the ends back, make a loop and put em under the nuts with a flat washer.


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Gunner Asch

Any welder repair shop will have them on hand. Every major city has at least one welder repair shop.

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