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I'm trying to save a part to the Library (or Palette) and no luck. I
saved the part as a Lib Feat Part (.sldlfp) and no problems. When I
tried to copy it I get the message "Library feature is empty" .
What am I doing wrong?
Can somebody walk me thru the steps to add parts to the library?
Thank you very much
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A Library Feat Part (.sldlfp) is simply a part that contains Library Features. The part itself is NOT a Library Part. To add features from this part to the Feature Library, right click a feature and click Add Feature. But this doesn't sound like what you are wanting to do.
If you want your library parts to show up in your feature palette, you simply have to define a path to your library part folder in your System Options>File Locations>Palette Parts. When you open up the Feature Palette window, this folder will then show up.
Hope this helps.
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Seth Renigar

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