help in trying to add an entry to a Hole Wizard database

I am trying to add a table to the ansiinch.mdb with custom hole
diameters for various types of "er" type bearings that we use in our
machines. The database is located in \lang\english.
The following are the things I have accomplished to date:
1. Added a record to the INDEX table that points to my custom table,
BRGHOLE. The values in the record follow the format of the entries
for one of the HOLES entries, e.g., Letter Drill Sizes. The field
names and values in my entry are:
DESCRIPTION = Bearing holes
TABLE_NAME = brghole
DESCRIPTION_FORMAT = "Hole for %size bearing"
2. Added a table named BRGHOLE to the database by copying the LHOLE
table, renaming it to BRGHOLE, and changing the values to what I
3. The value in the DESCRIPTION field appears when you open the HOLES
tab in the Hole Wizard, but I can't get this table to be recognized
and accessed by the wizard.
FWIW, I did make a copy of the original ansiinch.mdb before starting
this project.
Does anyone have any experience in doing what I am trying to do?
Bruce Bretschneider
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Bruce Bretschneider
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