has anyone here experienced this video problem?...

I've been meaning to ask you guys why the fallowing display problem happens,
or if anyone of you guys have experienced it. Every once in a while when I'm
working on a part or assembly (made of many parts or not many at all) I see
the part(s) displayed in shaded mode as expected, but then out of no where
after, I perform an operation, such as edit a part in-place then go back to
the assembly or I move a component, the assembly gets sliced as if by an
imaginary invisible plane. When I rotate the assembly the slicing invisible
plane stays put so the assembly updates as I rotate it, to show it sliced in
that orientation. The only way that I've been able to fix this problem is by
re-starting solidworks 2003. Is it possible that this issue is yet more
proof that my fire gl2 is garbage? I've used the latest drivers and older
drivers. It doesn't matter what version of drivers I use, the problem still
occurs. The other view related issue that's even less of a problem to me,
but still weird to me is when I'm in a fab drawing and I place a flag note
near a balloon (in AutoCAD I had no need to eye-ball this step, because I
could osnap the end of the vertex point on the flag to the quadrant of the
balloon), but because geometric relations are what's used in saw it would be
more of a pain, so I just eye-ball it, by zooming in. When I zoom out,
though, the flag note looks like I didn't do a very good job eye-balling
near the balloon, so then I zoom back in to fix this problem, but when I
zoom in I see that there's nothing to fix, because the flag is placed just
where I want it. Only when I zoom out does it look like it's not touching
the balloon. Like I said before these issues aren't a big deal, but I am
curious as to why they happen. Any help figuring this stuff out would be
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i have seen it. but have not been able to trace it to anything in particlar. i have a quardo2 pro.
sorry i can't help on this one.
--nick e.
joe quipped:
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Nick E.
it is the graphics card. It is something called clipping. you can possibly change it by updateing the drivers on the card. If push comes shove just make SW drive the software. Tools----Options---performance... "use software open GL.
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Arthur Y-S
Sometimes this is actually not video card but SW. I see it a lot when I go from exploded views to collapsed. Usually a Rebuild or CTRL-Q fixes it....
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I agree with Todd and Nick. I've seen it on a couple of different cards (Oxygen GVX and Quadro 750, maybe an older one I've forgotten). A rebuild usually gets rid of the clipping.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger
This is one of those PITA drafting problems. SW is not really WYSIWYG. The only ways I know of to see how notes and such will really look are to look at the print preview, look at the .pdf output, or print it out. I try and use the first one, sometimes catch stuff on the second and invariably end up catching some on the last.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger
thanks for all the info. they're odd little issues, and I'll try the ctrl q suggestion, because I've already tried the regular update, with no result.
while I'm on the subject , if I was to buy a new video card that would not cause the issues I mentioned, what card would that be. I realize that getting a new card probably won't fix the issue I have about the flag note appearing close to the balloon only when zoomed in, but at least I would like it not to do the "clipping". Another thing that I would like the new graphics card to do is support direct x 9 and open gl, and obviously be good for running SW. Any suggestions up to a $400 upper limit, would be appreciated.
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The clipping is a known 2003 issue. We have it sporadically on our machines and have talked to our Var about it. No know software fix on their end yet.
I prefer the Nvidia boards over ATI because of stability. I prefer my crashes to come from the software as opposed to the hardware :)
QuadroFX500 is great bang for the buck. For a few dollars more you can get the Quadro4-980XGL and come real close to the performance of the FX1000 board. Check
formatting link
and also ebay. There's a reputable guy on ebay selling the 980 new in box for a really good price, search for seller "my-bd" or something like that. I bought one from him and all was exactly as described.
- Eddy
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Eddy Hicks

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