Has anyone had this problem with Railzip?

Hi all,

I recently used Railzip for the first time.

I dutifully followed the instructions on the bottle ie applied Railzip with a cloth, left it for 12 hours and then rubbed the rails with a cloth.

I tested all my 0-6-0 tanks engines and a Class 08 shunter and their performance has improved beyond measure.

However, my Class 37, Black 5 and 2-6-0 now all suffer from poor traction. Anything more than a carriage really makes them struggle.

I've tried to clean the wheels of all three and the performance of the Class 37 improved but it's still nowhere near it's previous performance.

Any idea's on what I can do for my tender engines?


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I don't know what to suggest as a solution, but I've also had the same problem. I've used Railzip on a layout that is heavily graded (up to about 1 in 40) and my Hornby HST, which could get up the grade beforehand with no problems, started slipping to a stand as soon as Railzip was applied. Presumably it acts like oil or leaf mulch on the line. Do the locos that you've found have problem have traction tyres?

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Yes, my two tender engines and Class 37 have traction tyres. Did your Hornby HST manage to overcome this problem?

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"Nozza" wrote

Remove the tyres and clean them and the slots they were fitted in with alcohol and refit. Clean the Railzip off the track (and don't re-use if you have locos with tyres) and you should be ok.


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John Turner

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