starting with jlink; pointer to a hello world ?

Hi all,

I'm just tinkering with jlink, well mostly I'm fascinated by the fact that it should be able to be a very powerful tool, but there is simply no good documentation, anywhere. There's a user guide in the jlink subdir *and that's it* ! There's an "jlink_tutorial" dir in the jlink dir, there is java code and .prt files in there, where's the tutorial ??

Any way, could somebody point me to a "hello world" application, I would just like to see it working as I haven't been able to get any example to work..

kind regards, sander

PS I use jdk 1.3.1_04 as prescribed by ptc

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sander boer
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Check PTC's knowledge base under J-Link. They have complete step by step instructions for each exercise in the tutorial.


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Mark Rafn

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