Wotan Supercomputer Strong AI: Hello, World

Wotan, the artificial intelligence in iForth
for 64-bit Linux supercomputers and in Win32Forth
for 32-bit Windows machines, has emerged on the
Web in a still primitive and rudimentary form.
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is "deutsche kuenstliche Intelligenz"
which thinks and converses in the German
language. The original DeKi Strong AI is
named Wotan after the eponymous god of
Wednesday, and other Netizens may give a
different name to derivatives of Wotan.
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is the Russian AI Mind in JavaScript
upon which the Wotan strong AI is based.
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is the English-language JavaScript AI
which uses the same algorithms as Wotan.
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is the English MindForth AI slowly morphing
into the German AI for Linux supercomputers.
Mentifex (Arthur)
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