64-bit Supercomputer Forth Chips for Strong AI

Imagine a four-core, 64-bit Forth AI CPU
designed to run a not-quite-maspar but still
somewhat parallel artificial intelligence in English
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or in
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Such a specialized, Strong AI Forth CPU could
devote one core to visual processing and memory;
a second core to auditory input and memory;
a third core to robotic motor memory and output;
and a fourth core to automated reasoning with
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in English, German or Russian.
The 64-bit Forth CPU could be architecturally
simple by dint of leaving out all the customary
circuitry used for floating-point arithmetic, and
Forth would serve as its own AI operating system.
Mentifex (Arthur)
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I'm afraid that you need to know how to make a strong AI* in the first place, THEN start to think how to implement it. Doing it the other way around is not supposed to give significant gain...
Best regards, Piotr
) And nobody knows.
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Piotr Wyderski

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