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Dear colleague,
We are glad to announce a new mailing list dedicated to the hot topic
of Machine Listening.
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The list aims to attract members from diverse research communities
(signal processing, machine learning, robotics) united by an interest
in building robust Machine Listening applications, be it for speech,
music or environmental sound scene understanding.
We are reaching out to the Robotics community for list members because
we believe that Machine Listening will become an increasingly
important discipline for robotics in the future. Integrating listening
technology into robotics platforms raises unique research questions
that can only be solved by bringing together expertise from the
robotics and machine listening communities. There are emerging
research themes such as active sensing and audio-motor control which
lie at the intersection of the robotics and machine listening and
which demand a collaborative approach.In particular, there will be a
scientific focus on source localization, acoustic event detection,
speech recognition, emotion detection, and other audio-related tasks
that robots are required to perform in real acoustic environments.
The list will serve as a place for announcing events (workshops,
challenges, journal special issues, etc), publicising opportunities
(jobs, PhD places, etc) and we hope it will also serve as a valuable
discussion forum for people working in the field.
We have decided to use Google Groups as the platform for the list. In
order to subscribe, please follow the link below.
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Jon Barker, University of Sheffield
Emmanuel Vincent, INRIA
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Jon Barker
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the documentation wiki-page for the auditory listening (AudListen) module of the open-source AI software for my project as an independent scholar in artificial intelligence.
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the Russian-language version of the AI Mind software which is being developed in English, German and Russian.
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the English version of the AI software in JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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an academic publication about the MindForth English-language version of the AI software.
Arthur T. Murray -- independent scholar in artificial intelligence
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