Centex/Rockwell Milling machine info?

I recently bought a Centex Milling Machine, made in Fort Worth TX.
It is current apart awaiting paint and then reassembly.
Not long into the teardown process I realized this is basically a
Rockwell 21-100 with a different belt drive and motor placement.
Everything - base, column, table, handwheels etc is the same as a
Rockwell. The difference is in the mounting of the motor and the
pulleys. The Rockwell has everything on the front over the spindle,
where this Centex has the motor at the back of the machine, and a long
belt running to the spindle pulley.
Photos here:
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I know of at least 2 others in the DFW area that are identical. Does
anyone have any knowledge of this machine or the company that made
it? I would really love to find some old paper on it - catalog, sell
sheets, ads, or even a manual. Any info appreciate.
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It looks like a hybrid of the Rockwell and the Clausing:
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Jim Wilkins
Sorry to be neglectful of this thread. I wish this list had notifications.
Turns out it's an antecedent of the Rockwell
This thing is identical to a Rockwell 21-100 from the column down. Only the motor and drive arrangement is different. The quill fine feed and the worm gear ram rotator were added later by Delta Rockwell, absent from the Centex.
This is my machine (thus far) and most of the information was posted on another forum. I forwarded it to Tony.
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I will be sending Tony more pics and information as the investigation continues.
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