ZX7045 Milling Machine - opinions?

Hi, We are about to buy a milling machine, and - having no experience - I try to get some info in this forum. I found a machine at

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for 1900 euro. Does anybody have experience with this machine? Is this reliable? Thanks Daniel

ZX7045 drilling and milling machine 400 V tilting head 90=B0 on both sides max. drilling capacity 45 mm max. milling capacity 20 mm max. face milling capacity 75 mm range of speed 12 from 75 to 3200 rpm longitudinal axis 500 mm cross axis 200 mm headstock travel 460 mm distance between spindle to column 220 mm spindle taper MT4 spindle stroke 130 mm square column (dovetail) table sizes 800 x 240 mm

2 speed motor 400 V / 1,1 + 1,5 kW width of T-nut 14 mm weight 270 kg sizes 1110 x 780 x 1430 mm
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RC-Machines doesn't have the best reputation. They are just pushing around pallets from China. If you want to buy one, only if there is a dealer near to you, but RC-machines are located in Luxembourg.

And why one with an outdated MT4 spindle and not a ISO-40?


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Nick Mueller

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