Round Ram bridgeport milling machine

What is a "Round Ram" bridgeport milling machine. Someone has offered one for $100.00. There are no collets and the seller is not sure if they can be bought. It also has a 440 3 phase motor. Any input would be great, thank you

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Wayne Makowicki
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The early models of BP had round rams instead of the heavy cast one with which you may be familiar. The fact that it's a round ram, therefore, tells you that this is an old machine, but it would have to be in pretty poor condition to not be worth $100. Unless it's rusted, or worn out terribly, I'd suggest it's a good deal.

I don't know if the old machines used something different from the R8 collets, but, if so, you could likely find some on ebay. You might have to be patient, but almost anything you may want shows up eventually.

The motor likely can be hooked up for 220V, but you're stuck with the 3 phase as it sits. You could buy a static 3 phase converter, which would work well enough for hobby use. One sacrifices some of the HP when running static converters.


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Harold & Susan Vordos

I have a round ram with a step pulley J head with a 220V 3 phase pancake motor.

I also believe that they came with the M head. I have had no trouble with the machine holding tram and it works great. The entire ram is geared and can rotate the head along the x axis. It has come in quite handy when I had to cut slots at a angle. I have also used it to rough in dovetails. I believe the head determines what collets it will use. Mine use standard R8 collets.

I paid considerably more than $100 but yours would be worth looking at. You may find a diamond in the rough.

Good luck.

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Some of them used B3 collets, which are a bit like hen's teeth, at least in the UK.

Cheers Tim Tim Leech Dutton Dry-Dock

Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs

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we have one at work we are still using. uses the R8 collets. the only thing that I can think of that is a bad thing with it is the head can't be trammed in the short (y) axis. the table was rescraped by a professional about 14 years ago and we only tilted the head one time since then.

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Jon Bergstrom


Mine came with a 220 single phase motor that I believe is original...lucky, I guess. It has B&S #7 taper which works well for the light work I do. Most of the tooling is shop made, which can and maybe should be done in a hobby environment. If it's really worth less than $1000, maybe I shouldn't take such good care of it!

I think some M head machines came with #2 Morse taper?

George Willer

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George Willer

Yep. I've got one.

They are still available from MSC but they are a bit pricey.

Occasionally you'll see them for sale on eBay.


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