Dore Westbury milling machine guard

I have a Dore Westbury milling machine a bit like this one:-
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and like this one mine has no guard round the pulleys and belts. In
use it's a bit disconcerting having exposed pulleys whizzing close to
my head - does anyone do a belt guard for these? Or is there a design
for one I could make? Or has anyone any tips on making a guard?
Steve Randall G8KHW
UKRA #1072 Level 2
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I've also just bought one of these mills, and a previous owner has fitted a neat guard around the front pulley. It's held to the front of the mill with a short bracket which supports a D-shaped plate under the pulley. A curved sheet surrounds the pulley on 3 sides by following the curved edge of the D-shaped plate. It's open at the top, and at the back. This is enough to keep hair out of the belt without restricting access, though a slightly different design would allow more convenient access to the backgear pins.
I don't know how clear that is .. pictures can be arranged if it helps. Note that your email address is broken at present.
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