Dore-Westbury Gearbox Question

Hi there all,
I have recently aquired a part finished Dore-Westbury mill which I believe
it to be the Mark II version although the drawings supplied with it do not
indicate Mark II anywhere. Included in the box of bits to finish off the
machine are some 'straight cut' spur gears for the epicyclic reduction
I seem to remember reading about these gears being noisy and a design change
was made by Model Engineering Services to 'helical cut' gears running in an
oil bath. Does anyone know whether I can just substitute helical gears for
the straight cut spur gears? and what changes were made to allow the gears
to run in an oil bath?
If anyone has the drawing details for the revised gearbox I would appreciate
a copy (cost of copying + P&P provided)
Many Thanks,
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Roger Mawby
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Having got the cast iron castings for a (mk1) Dore Westbury seasoning in the garage, I can say that there should be no problem using helical cut gears. That's what I was planning to do. I hadn't thought of an oil bath but now I suppose I must :-(.
The original design used myford changewheels, these are noisy. If the ones you have aren't changewheels (14.5 deg PA, keyway etc) then they may be quieter anyway.
Looking at the general arrangement of the gearbox, it looks as if a fairly minor re-design should make it possible to retain oil in it while it's spinning 'round. More things to do!
Mark Rand RTFM
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