Dore-Westbury Vertical Milling Machine Help

I have recently bought a second hand Adcock & Shipley Model No OC
horizontal milling machine, which has been fited with a Dore-Westbury
Light Vertical Milling Machine Head.
I would like to locate some operating/maintenance instructions for the
original machoine and the Vertical Milling Head. Any ideas?
In particular, I need to know how to change the vertical head speed.
There are two speeds available from the pulleys, but I believe that a
total of 6 speeds can be obtained buy use of the epicyclic gearbox.
Anyone have any idea how this is done?
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Jim Wilkins
Jim & Gunner,
Thanks for your help. From the assembly drawing I have and the information on the website I can now select the low gear range on the vertical milling head.
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