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I have recently purchased a Dore-Westbury milling machine - but it didn't come with any collet chucks or a drawbar.

I bought a 2MT collet chuck and length of 3/8" Whitt studding - but I find that the studding is a little too big to go down the spindle.

Presumably the Dore-Westbury either used chucks with a non standard drawbar - or the drawbar was reduced to go up the spindle and therefore must have been inserted from the bottom (which seems a little inconvenient).

( Forgive me if this is a stupid question - I'm new to this stuff.)

I hope someone can help?


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UNF is required as I recall..although I may well be wrong..tiz a LONGGGGG timesince I got shot of my DW

cheers D

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I had a similar problem with my Tom Senior head. It took 3/8" drawbars, but my metric collets had M10 drawbars. I solved it by using a 10mm reamer to open out the hole down the centre of the spindle -perhaps a similar approach would work on your spindle (but it was bloody hard work by hand -it was longer than I thought!).




Is that studding or threaded bar your using?, I found the threaded bar wasn't very good as it's too soft (I bent a length when a chuck got stuck in) so now I use proper tough studding -the kind sold for hold down clamps on mills, etc.

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