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So finally after nearly a year of phaffing I have brought a three phase converter for my lathe, which should turn up in the next week or so.

In the mean time I think I should go and get some new tools for the thing so I can use it.

Could people tell me some of the better places (UK-Bedfordshire) to go to get things like turning tools, boring bars, coolant etc. I am interested in both Online and places I can go and have a wander round at the weekends.



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Stephen Woolhead
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Cooks of Bedford are usually pretty good, but you'll need to get parked away from the centre of town, although weekdays aren't too bad.

They are one of the few in the area.


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Peter A Forbes

...well ...Bedford . . . memories . . . when I was at school there I used to find Smiths scrap yard (Kempston Road / Cauldwell ) a marvellous place for lathe toools - used to get literally hundreds thrown out (probably ex Britannia Works close by) - kept the school workshop well supplied even came away one day with a complete Ariel Square Four (less rear chain!) - but that was forty years ago -

Cooks of Bedford then were still selling ex Gov surplus - another haven !

Andrew Mawson

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Andrew Mawson

Hi Stephen,

I know it's not Bedford but Chronos are not far away in St. Albans and are open on Saturday mornings (usually). They also have a web shop:

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Mark Howard

Hi Steve, Definatly worth a look round Chronos if you are new to this stuff - its a reagular Aladins caves - its like a Pete's for engneering bits (but more so).

Now you will have two places to empty your credit card.


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steve randall

Bit further away but try GLR of hoddeden who also stock bar and flat materials

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Maurice Hood

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