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Before I start looking around for a large lump of metal and some dovetail cutters, does anyone now of the location of a raising block for the vertical head on a Centec 2A mill which I could purchase. I would like another two to three inches height to allow the use of a Clarkson holder and a newly acquired rotary table on my Centec.


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Jim Guthrie
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I've had the same thoughts. Apart from the problem with the Clarkson holder, a drill chuck and bit take up most of the available room.

I had thought of fabricating a raiser, using two slabs and some giant tubes.


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Wilfrid Underwood

Oh, now I understand. That's what all those e-mails I keep getting sent about "adding extra inches" are all about. -Thanks for clearing that one up for me



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Kevin Steele


Remember what my raising block and raising over arm look like?

I fabricated the raising block which is bolted to the underside of the vertical head. It's a fairly easy bit of fabrication and doesn't require the use of a dovetail cutter.

The raising overarm is machined out of solid and does require a large mill and dovetail cutters to make.

The rasing overarm allows the vertical head, on its raising block, to be permanently mounted on top of the mill and slid into the working position or parked to the rear out of the way. The overarm can be slid forwards when the mill is used in horizontal mode.

Jim Guthrie wrote:

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Dick Ganderton

I would also be keen to get an extra two or three inches extra on th

vertical feed. Not sure about the slab and tube idea. Would it be rigi enough? Ro

-- elj221

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