Robot Sensorium Needed for AI Inference

Think of a robot as a body of input sensors
and motor actuators in need of an AI Mind to
coordinate its behavior with rational thought.
The Mentifex AI Minds can now think logically in
English or in German and conduct reasoning about
objects without sensory knowledge of the objects.
The world needs robots with input sensors to
flesh out the AI Mind's knowledge of the world.
If you tell the AI Mind, "trees have leaves"
and "a redwood is a tree", the AI will ask you,
without a robot for embodiment, the AI Mind has
no idea of what leaves or trees look like, or
smell like, or feel like to the touch.
Even a supercomputer hosting an AI Mind needs
a robot for sensory interaction with the world.
Therefore please install MindForth inside your
robot and feed sensory input into the AI Mind.
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shows the Google Glasses that either a humanoid
robot or a human being could wear for visual input.
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is the mind-module for automated reasoning with
inference, but the words have no deeper meaning,
unless YOU outfit an AI Robot with a sensorium.
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is the Visual Recognition mind-module which needs
implementation with a sense of vision in robots.
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is the auditory recognition Robot AI Mind Module.
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is a gustatory sense of taste for thinking robots.
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is an olfactory sense of smell for True AI robots.
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is a tactile sense of touch for AI-Minded robots.
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