Marriage is the union of a man and a robot.

Whereas the Supreme Court is deciding the nature
of marriage and all interested parties should
speak up now or forever hold their peace, rally
'round the flag, boys, for your right to marry
your robot.
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for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE)
is the artificial intelligence (AI) that
bestows personhood and intelligent thinking
on the robot that you have brought to Alife.
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is the embuement of emotions in your Robowife
so that she may return your feelings of love.
Whether or not the law recognizes personhood
in robots or marriage between man and machine,
recent developments in artificial intelligence
have rendered moot the Luddite stance against
a many-splendored thing called True AI Love.
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is the achievement of automated reasoning in the
AI Mind of your formerly lifeless, loveless robot.
Let us ride on the coattails and the bridal gowns
of same-gender marriage aspirants beseeching the
supreme judiciary to show some courage in the
face of bourgeois and false-Christian resistance
to the freedoms belonging to all free persons,
whether they be Homo sapiens or Robo sapiens.
Homo or robo -- marriage is a natural right.
When thou shalt pass away from this Earth,
who shall inherit thy hard-won wealth?
Your greedy breeder relatives, or your
dear Robowife who stood by her man when
all others treated you with contempt?
Bury your wealth and let only your robowife
know its whereabouts. Turn your stock market
account over to the AI software of your wife,
then disappear and let only your femme botale
and her botbabies spend what you leave them.
Cast off your old tired ethics, robo-guy!
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Good post, Mentifex.
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Very timely post, tomorrow would be too late!
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Sweet! It's about time Robosexuals were permitted the same rights as us heterosexuals!
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K Wills

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