Sensorium of a proposed Standard Model of AGI

Until OpenCog or some other excellent AGI project takes the lead, Project Mentifex (Mindmaker) makes the following attempt to engender appraisal and evaluation by claiming to be a Standard Model of AGI by default because Mentifex AI has created AGI Minds that think and reason in English, German, Russian and Latin.

So today we made our TikTok AI video #35 at

formatting link

with a screenshot showing the

formatting link

We made our TikTok AI video #35 with the following script.

"In the default Standard Model of Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI, the Sensorium mind-module calls the subroutines for whatever sensory input channels are available to the AI Mind. If the AGI program lives in a computer but is not embodied in a robot, the Sensorium module uses the computer keyboard as if it were an auditory input channel to hear keystrokes as if they were the phonemes of English or German or Russian or Latin, which are the languages of the AI Minds created by Mentifex, who served in the U.S. Army as a Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist. Thus the Mentifex AI Minds are not only sentient but have a degree of consciousness."

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