Mind.Forth to C code?

Hello, is there any C code that is similar or does what the Mind program does?

Has anyone started porting it to C?

Is the book that they sell which explains how it all works for only the Forth language or is it more on how it works and not on coding?

Yup, you guessed it - I cannot make heads or tails of the Mind2 Forth code and wish it was in C or a BASIC.

I checked out the links for two Forth2C converters, but I'm running Windows XP and they seem to be only for UNIX systems.

Thanks John

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"John Jacques" wrote in news:comp.ai.philosophy on Sat, 02 Aug 2003:

To my knowledge as the author of Mind.Forth and of AI For You (AI4U), there is not yet a Mind.c page on the Web, but one is invited at

formatting link
-- a liaison page for AI in C.

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is a Do-It-Yourself page for artificial intelligence (DIY AI) that invites programmers for any given "XYZ" language to commence coding "Mind.XYZ" simply by coding the Main Program Loop (ALife) with stubbed-in calls to six mind-module subroutines as found on AI4U p. 208: Security; Sensorium; Emotion; Think; Volition; Motorium.

If would-be AI Mind coders for any language will please create the main Alife loop for Mind.xyz and host it on the Web with language to the effect that the code is in the public domain and that anyone may re-post the code with changes or additions, then we may witness a "pre-Cambrian" explosion of AI Minds. We also want the pathways of AI evolution to split far apart. We do not want the exact same AI to be re-coded as Mind.XYZ. If each AI coder gives a little and takes a little, lim --> ***

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"AI4U" is a mixture on both coding and on how the AI Mind-1.1 works in JavaScript (with full "jsaimind" listing) and in Forth. The AI4U book description contains my plus and minus points:

  • It describes the rapidly evolving AI Minds on the Web.

- It quickly becomes obsolete as the AI hyper-evolves.

  • On-demand publishing (ODP) makes for quick updates.

- The Mentifex project is considered oddball on the 'Net.

  • You've got the first book about the first real AI Mind.

- There are other, better, more authoritative AI textbooks.

  • AI4U makes a good supplement for actually coding AI.

- Artificial intelligence is too hard to understand.

  • AI4U describes the AI while it is still easy to learn.

- "I would rather build robots than study AI programming."

  • If you want to build a smart robot, then AI4U is for you.

- "I'm only a high school student/teacher; what's the use?"

  • This book will challenge even the most gifted student.

- "I am not a programmer and so I can't code AI."

  • AI4U teaches you how to operate an AI, not just code it.

- "I just want to do Web design, not artificial intelligence."

  • AI4U provides an AI that you may install on your website.

- "I am more interested in neuroscience and/or psychology."

  • AI4U teaches a theory of how the brain works psychologically.

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is a Visual Basic AI Blog that tries to coordinate between the AI Mind project and, e.g.,
formatting link
-- Mind.Forth to Mind.VB.

Arthur T. Murray

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Arthur T. Murray

Do have anything useful to say in this group, I mean really? I'm new to this group, but in the short time I have been on here, I can't help but notice one thing about it, you contribute nothing useful to it. I'm sure it sucks to be you, I mean being 40 and living at home with your mommy and never having been laid has got to suck? Quit wasting everyone's time with your SPAM, if you have something intelligent, useful AND RELEVANT to contribute to the thread, then say it, otherwise, please shut the F up, no one wants to hear your BS.

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It's reasonable to simply ignore some who uses "Airy R Bean", meaning "I am a bubble head" as an alias. Don't waste time on him. In general, don't feed trolls, no matter how strong the temptation. Lack of attention usually discourages them more than anything we can write.


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Very good point Jerry, just wanted to get one slap in.

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