Seeking Info: VSI Pan/Tilt/Zoom Mount Model 4600000G1

I have a number of these units but cannot find any details regarding
interfacing, etc. The label only shows "VSI PAN TILT MODEL
4600000G1", apparently mfg 1995. They were likely intended for remote
process or measurement using CCTV. There are two RJ-45 connectors,
supposedly for computer interfacing, and an 8-pin connector that I'm
sure is for connection to the CCTV camera/lens. They appear to
operate on 12vDC or similar low voltage. They are 360 degree pan, and
due to the design of the camera platform, only tilt about 45 degrees.
Several units also have a barcode with the letters "GTI". I have a
picture hosted here:
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Any info in these units will be greatly appreciated!
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Try a google search for words like VSI PAN TILT. Sites like below might have some info.
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Si Ballenger

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