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Sometimes my mouse wheel zooms in and out and sometimes it scrols up and down. How do I make SolidWorks just zoom in and out when scroling the wheel. (Logitech wheel mouse). (SW2004). This happens in drawings, parts & assy mode.

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I use an old FX Marble Trackman. While pressing the button "Draglock" button, I rotate. If I press shift and draglock, I zoom. If I press control and draglock, I pan.

I thought the "universal scroll" would have been the button, but it states "draglock" is assigned to button 3 and that's the one which I'm using.

Also verify you have current drivers (I've got 9.79). Also make sure your control key is not stuck.


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Keith Streich

check out this thread, I had the same problem. Brad

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What i've found with my Logitech Wheel mouse is that it works best if I set the wheel to 'Middle Button' instead of 'Universal Scroll'. Once I got it set that way, everything seemed to work just fine.


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Richard Charney


Thanks for all the tips, but what solved my problem was enabeling the "Use MS Office compatable scroll only" box and it works great now.

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