The First, Truly Intelligent, Software JOINS the Intelligent Robot ONLINE.

The First, Truly Intelligent, Software JOINS the Intelligent Robot ONLINE.
The study of Artificial Intelligence has sought creation of a program that
thinks on its own, without rules of behavior or random processes.
ROACH v1.2 is a computer game for your desktop that can be configured by the user to think from the level of an ant to the level of a roach. As a 'virtual' robot, ROACH can be observed to display the characteristics of real insects by varying the depths of memory and recall ratios.
With monitoring (trace) ability, the program ROACH, provides visual indicators of input and thinking processes in real time. ROACH is a demonstration program with limited long-term memory and resets memory with each new game.
Download your free copy of ROACH at .
About Roach:
As a true intelligent software agent, ROACH displays contemplation, memory, other-awareness and reactive and proactive behavior. ROACH is programmed in APE: Architectural Programming Environment, a protocol for use in any programming language.
ROACH is provided to replicate the range of levels of the intelligence of insects and is the same algorithm and architecture used in the "Little Ricci" prototype autonomous robot.
About Little Ricci:
Little Ricci is the world's first, and only, fully autonomous (no computers, no radio control, no remote control) thinking machine with wheels. For more information on Little Ricci, including photos of its constructions, videos and detailed system explanations access .
About The Enticy Institute: contains the materials, papers and descriptions, for the most revolutionary advancement in data processing and transmission, since the first binary computer, as well as the exact functions of the human brain. Once implemented, this technology will change the transmission of data over the Internet, allowing standard telephone lines, to carry greater than broadband content, with no resistance, no heat, no current, and instant communication. is dedicated to the Enticy Institute, where brain building will result in less suffering, and more understanding, by being able to watch an artificial life, intelligent, human level, brain, think.
The Enticy Institute, committed to brain health, efficient energies and education, will be formed in Arizona and locate in Mesa-Apache Junction, to utilize the science of Neutronics Neuromorphology in building the world's first and only, intelligent, artificial life, human level brain, android: Enticy One. The prototype, 'Little Ricci" is presented in video, image and descriptive materials.
Interested parties may acquire vast detail on the project, the science and the applications thereof at: .
EnticyPress contains: Videos of The 'Little Ricci Robot' Prototype; The Image Gallery of The 'Little Ricci Robot' construction phase; newly published papers on the human brain, including; On The States Of Energy, Gravity & The Exponential Universe, the science behind Neutronics Technology; The Evolution Of Knowledge: Fixation & Dependency; Turn It Upside Down: The basics of Neutronics Technology; Understanding Sexual Preferences; Enticy One Proposal; Alzheimer's & Multiplicity; The Enticy One Android; Intelligent, Architecturally Programmed (APE), IQ TEST; The 'Brains' of Williams, Mochrie & Hicks (What is Comedy); Answers To The Top 10 Questions About The Brain; Facing Your Brain Taking Control; Dyslexia; Regarding Too Smart To Be So Dumb; PNP Bipolar and MOSFET Use in The Neutronics Dynamic System; The Brain Is A Wonderful Thing; Real Intelligence: APE scaled iggit Brain Online; Real Intelligence: APE scaled FeedMe Brain Online; What Good Is It To Know?: and the EnticyPressed Forum Board.
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