Iowa Robotics Club

The Iowa Robotics Club will be hoding its initial organization meeting
on July 9th, 7:00 PM CDT at the West Des Moines Public Library. Her
is a link to the meeting:
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attend if you have any interest in robotics. This is your
chance to help shape the club.
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On the historic occasion of the first meeting, please demo
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-- MindForth AI --
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-- to the distinguished founding fathers +/- mothers of invention. You only need to download Win32Forth and
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a WinDoze laptop or desktop to get the Robot AI up and running autonomously for the duration of the meeting. The AI Forthmind will display True AI thinking in response to user input or in reflection of internal rumination if unattended.
Any Iowa Robotics member keenly interested in artificial intelligence could give a talk on MindForth AI at a subsequent meeting.
Best of luck with the launch of the club!
A.T. Murray --
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