MindForth most advanced open-source AI updated 2012 August 10

The MindForth free open-source artificial intelligence in Win32Forth +/- Intel 64-bit iForth has today been updated with significant True AI improvements.

The size of the life-long AI memory has been doubled by changing the "cns" value from 1024 up to 2048. It was necessary to increase the memory of the artificial Mind so that the AI could retain knowledge longer during testing for self-referential thought. It is now possible to tell the AI Forthmind things about itself and then observe self-referential thought by inputting questions in the what-do-X-Verb format, such as "what do you do" and "what do you need".

Among the various display modes such as Transcript, Tutorial and Diagnostic, the AI in Transcript mode now indicates the chronological version number (20120810) and the moment that the AI came to artificial life, so that print-outs of transcripts may be compared.

The most important change is that the SpreadAct

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module now imparts significant retroactive activation to the subject of a verb used in a query of the what-do-X-Verb format, so that the AI now performs far better at retrieving information about itself from the now enhanced memory, when the human user asks the AI a question about itself.

As high schools and universities soon begin a new academic year, teachers and students may wish to obtain the MindForth AI source code free on-line at

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run it through its machine intelligence paces. One interesting test is to start the AI Mind running and observe what it does with no human input. (It follows interior chains of thought and asks questions.) Another test is to tell the AI many things about itself and then spring questions on the AI to see if can remember what it has been told about its own nature. Any school, office, computer sales/repair shop or other venue may start a time-and-date-stamped version of the very latest MindForth AI running and seek to host the world's longest-running AI.

Mentifex (Arthur)


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