My university is building a Robotics lab , I need help for best kits.

Our professor wanted us to search for learning and experience kits on Robotics
for buying them to lab. I am open to suggestions please. Which kits may be best
for learning Robotics ? Kits will be used by Computer and Electronic Engineers.
Price/Quality ratio is really important since our budget is limited. And also ,
shipping is an issue.
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Hercule Poirot
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There really isn't enough information here to give any informed device -- we start with not knowing whether you're looking for industrial robots vs. AI-style mobile robots, and go downhill from there.
Making the assumption (based on "kits") that you want mobile robots, I'd suggest starting by wandering around
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Joe Pfeiffer
Actually lab is a mixed one. We are buying CNC , robot arms , industrial routers and AI-mobile robots. It will be a wide-area robotics lab. But I am interested in non-industrial robot kits , like quadricopters etc.
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Hercule Poirot

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