denavit hartenberg table for my 5 DOF robotic arm

Hello everyone!

I'm having trouble finding the denavit hartenberg matrix for a 5 DOF robotic arm. The schematic of the robot is on the following link (it was drawn in solidworks):

formatting link
. I need the denavit hartenberg table so I can perform simulations on matlab.

Everything works fine until i reach join nº4, where it has to rotate around it self, and I am absolutely lost, no idea how to make it rotate the way it must on MatLab.

Here is how i thought the DH table would look like:

Th* L d alfa

0 0 L1 pi/2 0 L2 0 0 0 L3 0 pi/2 0 L4 0 pi/2 0 L5 0 0

*All Th values are variable.

Every joint rotates as it should, except joint number 4, wich has to rotate around itself

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

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That looks pretty much like an articulated planar arm with a spherical wrist. I've seen -pi/2 then +pi/2 in the wrist; but that really doesn't change anything. Maybe you had the last length in the wrong spot?

Th* L d alfa

0 0 L1 pi/2 0 L2 0 0 0 L3 0 -pi/2 0 L4 0 pi/2 0 0 L5 0

- Daniel

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