robotic arm using pneumatics

hello can anyone plesae tell me to design a robotic arm using pneumatic cylinders having threed egrees of freedom ... i am unable to decide the psi for the cylinder required tell me steeper motor to be used .. wat is the software to be used for preogramming it ... its main function will be to transfera m 14 x 100 screw from one place to another ,, waiting for the reply aakash jacob

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--Well, I've done some work with them using Basic Stamp and PBasic; it's pretty trivial stuff. The trick is metering the flow; this could probably be controlled dynamically but I'm not sure if that's necessary. As for 3 degrees of freedom, if this is for an industrial application forget about rotating joints and go linear and you'll get it done faster and you'll have a more robust system.

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You'll probably want to keep the psi relatively low. Somewhere around

30-40 psi should be more than enough. A good source for cheap pneumatic parts is
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Chris Spencer

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