Linux-Playstation2 as robot controller

With the PS3 around the box, it is foreseeable that PS2's will become very
cheap (if not new, the used ones), and other than reading around that it is
possible to hack a PS2 and install linux on it, I don't know much on how
practical it is.
What do you think about using one or more PS2's as a mobile robot CPU
(assume there is enough space and payload carrying capacity for that)?
- How stable is the ps2 linux?
- What kind of interfaces there are on the ps2? (serial, parallel, usb?)
Honestly I don't think it is a practical idea, but I don't have much
experience with PS2 and linux, so I might be completely wrong. I still think
that a couple of mini-itx boards would be much easier to deal with.
What do you have to say?
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I would buy a $100 gumstix first.
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