Robotic arm with vision

I am working on developing a robotic arm with vision capabilities. The
arm is modeled along the lines of the Lynxmotion arms (with base
rotation, shoulder, elbow and wrist motions). I have not added a
gripper because what I am trying to achieve is object tracking,
teaching the robotic arm movements by observing human arm etc. For
this, I think a single web-cam with a proximity sensor like an IR
distance sensor should suffice.
On the image processing front, standard object tracking techniques like
Image Subtraction will fail because I am mounting the web-cam on a
platform on the robotic arm's wrist. So because the camera itself is
moving, subtracting the current image directly from the previous one
will not yield any result.
I need help in developing the image processing algorithm for the OBJECT
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Hello, maybe you could be interested in my project of this robotic arm, similar to those of Lynxmotion but with some semplifications.
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That is a very slick and ingenious looking arm you made there! Congratulations!
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