Robotic arm

I'm starting my due diligence to locate manufacturers of small robotic
arms. Does anybody have suggestions to satisfy the following.
Bolt on (ie next to turnkey) installation
For use on smaller outdoor (e.g. Bobcat style) utility vehicles
Must be either remotely controllable or convertable to remote control
Controlled via a computer interface (e.g. some industry standard or
serial cable)
Electric is preferred but more likely hydraulic
Reach should be about 10ft
Load at full extension should be upwards of 200-300 lbs
Operational speeds aren't critical but faster is always better
Should accept (and have reasonable selection) different end effectors
Operable from -30F to 120F
I'm sure there are some other design requirements that I'm missing but
that would limit the available pool of candidates. Any help to start me
off would be greatly appreciated.
Steve P.
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S Penzes
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Dear S Penzes:
Probably will have to be straight electric with that temperature range, unless you can keep the cylinders/motors and lines warmed.
David A. Smith
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S Penzes wrote in news:1159463234.937519
That's not a 'small robotic arm'.
Also, you failed to mention how many axis of freedom you need.
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