Zoom to pointer on Dual Monitor

I've got a dual monitor setup with the latest drivers for my nVidia Quadro4 900 XGL. I'm running XP Pro SP1 on a Dell Precision, 2.4 GHz. I'm using SW04 SP3 and I have the options set on the video card to the Solidworks setting. I've noticed that if I have the Solidworks window open on the second monitor, when I use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom, it zooms to the center, not to the pointer. However, on the primary monitor, it works correctly. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't think it ever worked correctly before, b/c I've never been able to zoom to the pointer on previous releases. Anybody have a fix?

I just thought I'd ask while I'm waiting for a response from those above.

Thanks, Calvin

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works fine here- I use span mode

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