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I need to be able to put a dimple feature on a sheet metal part. I noticed the the supplied library 'dimple' is a .sldprt (under Design Library>forming tools>embosses) and when placed on the model it becomes a static feature. I looked through all the help stuff on Library Features and saw that I needed to create the dimple as a .sldlfp in order to set it up so that each inserted dimple feature references the dimple.sldlfp part. The reason I need to do so is that I may need to change the dimple feature later on and want them all to update when I change the library feature part.

The issues I'm having is figuring out references. I cannot get the feature to orient correctly, and I cannot figure out reference dimensions. I noticed that all the forming tools are .sldprt files and all the sheetmetal cutouts (under the features folder) are .sldlfp files. Why is SolidWorks supplying both for features?

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