dbworks: how to move the whole archive tree?

i hope --and think-- this is not off topic.

for an unknown reason we're experiencing some problems with our file server and need to move the whole project/file tree to a different server to have the older one maintained and checked against faulty hardware [1].

we already have a spare file server i can temporarily use for this.

the problem is we actually have a network drive --"k:" for the willing to know-- mapped on the shared drive of that server but, for security reasons, i cannot map a network drive onto the spare server [2].

i'm in the need to move a complete tree of directories and archives from a location --say, k:\archivio_cad-- to a different location --say \\server-office\ut\archivio_cad--, but don't know how to do it, because dbworks has a database which contains relations between documents, contains file directories and positions and a number of other informations.

is there a way to do it?

thank you in advance.


[1] it happens that when rebooting server our raid system starts in degraded mode using 2 of 4 available disks and i have to rebuild it by hand every time. [2] which contains all our important msoffice files. twice a day new viruses come out and there's *always* some dumbass that can't resist the temptation to run some crappy attachment to silly emails running on the 'net; and no, i don't want to hog our cpu's with nav2005: i didn't pay an awful sum for p4-3g2 to run an antivirus. it has already happened twice that a virus deleted all our .doc/.xls files from the mapped network drives and i had to spend a couple of nights to recover them, then i'm trying to stop using a mapped network drive, but still have the "k:" used by swx/dbwks
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This is my second attempt - Google kicked me out of the first reply. Back updatabase first. Copy the entire vault structure to your test server. Try the following on a single record first.

Goto DBWorks menu. Select DBWorks Open for updating. Got to bottom right pane in standard Tree Grid Under any tab select the File D. column for a record. Select the "Replace column value for all selected rows in the list" button. (Bottom of Screen). Entire path will appear. Delete everything except the K:\ In bottom text box insert \\

every instance of K:\ in the file directory column will be replaced with \\.

Thus, when you lose the mapped drive the single file should be pointing to the new vault location on the test file server.

Repeat but make sure the Match Case check box is activated and "Replace All button is selected" THIS WILL REPLACE EVERY INSTANCE OF K:\ WITH \\.

When you are finished testing.... repoint the files back to your mapped drive by reversing the procedure.

Len K. Mar, P.Eng. President E-data Solutions

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thank you *very* much. i'll try this one of these evenings, after my colleagues has gone home

--in case i have problems, i'll be able to restore everything without stopping people work...--.


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