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Where are the dot and slddrt files suppose to be located? Mine are in a solidworks viewer path...

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There are 2 pages in tools/ settings /system called "default models", and "file places" (those are translated from French) where you can set what you want.


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Jean Marc

The default should be here C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\data\templates. You can also search for the dot files int he Solidworks folder.

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In the English version: Tools / Options / System options / Default Templates These are the default template files.

Tools / Options / System options / File Locations / Document Templates This is the location of the template files. At this location, there are sub-directories (drawing, assembly, part and BOM), where the template files are stored.

You can move this location to your server, so everyone in the network will be using the same template files.

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I will add another aspect to the answers already given. It appears that you are asking if there is a preferred location for templates (.dot and slddrt files). The answer to that is they can be located anywhere you like.

I keep a templates folder for each release of SW. In it are the templates for SW documents and folders for any other files that can be customized.

When a new release comes out I make a copy of this template folder. The reason for this is that if a new version of SW overwrites templates for an older version, they will no longer be usable in the older version.

The templates folder is kept in a network location so it can be shared. Where this is is up to you.


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