File Open Dialog Box Slow to Change

Hi all
Feel like I'm going round in ever increasing circles!
Initial problem was slow initial loading of prototype drawing in Acad 2005.
First fix attempt - uninstall, repair etc - no change.
Second fix attempt - apply SP1 - no change
Third fix attempt - update acdb16.dll - loads quicker, but slow open-file
So, why does it take ages to display the list of drawings when you try to
open one?
Have tried other windows software eg word and files display fine in
open-file dialog.
Is there a fix I have missed?
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This is a virus scan issue! Don't know why this is affecting only one PC though.
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These drawings are coming from the local hard drive? Search path not set correctly?
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Thanks for that!
This makes reference to digital IDs. When I access the securityoptions command and select digital IDs, I receive the message "No Valid Digital IDs are installed on this System".
So presumably this cannot be the problem in our case?
As you will see, I believe I have traced the source to the anti-virus software. When this is disabled, response and file access is fine! Had to set the On-Access scan properties to Default Files rather than all files to achieve a reasonable compromise (tried excluding dwgs but that didn't resolve the problem for some reason).
Does Acad check/open any other files as you try to open drawings? If it does then I could set the A-V to exclude only those.
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