Open button activates a "save as" dialog box

Anyone been having any problems with Autocad 2007 open command.
When i hit the open button or the pulldown File/open it activates the
save as dialog box.
If i shut down autocad and restart this problem goes away for awhile
and then comes back.
I messed around trying different things with the SDI settings and this
did not help either.
Any thoughts????
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I haven't had that specific bug, but if I edit a lot of atributes in a drawing, text, modify dimensions, etc. by double-clicking on them, the double-click just stops working and I have to use the pull-down menu. Seeing as I how I HATE using the menus, I am compelled to shut down ACAD and start it up again. Then I can edit again mouse-only.
This didn't help a bit, I know.... I had a few minutes to myself...
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