Acad 2008 - File Open Dialog Listing Problem

Autocad 2008
For the last few months, my Acad File Open Dialog box listing of DWG
files (Ctrl+O) does not list (arrange) the files By Name as it always has...
So when I first Start Autocad and then go to Open a file, the files are
listed By Name but _Backwards_. So top to bottom is first via Z to A
then Folders...
Once I Arrange By Name... all is OK until I close Autocad and start the
next time...
Very Frustrating... And I don't know WHY it is doing this. My WinXP Pro
file listing is OK and by Name...
I've tried to see if there is anything in the Registry... But I can't
locate any setting I can adjust.
Anyone with any thoughts or Info on how to resolve this?
Much appreciated.
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Open the dialog, arrange the icons in the order you want and then press CTRL and click the little 'x' in the top right of the window. Let me know if it works.
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Amazing! That worked 100%...
I've been using AutoCad for Years... I program Lisp and Menus, etc. But I Never knew that little Gem...
I do have some menu controls that use the CTRL key... so it looks like I must have done the CTRL+ X thing at some point.
Thanks very so much. This has been a real thorn in my ass for a while. Not knowing why something happened is a real pain. Another thing to make a mental note on.
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You're welcome. BTW, it's a 'feature' of the operating system, not Autocad.
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